At Serafina Beach Hotel, we’re fully prepared to bring you the Social, Sexy, Serafina lifestyle from the second you first step into our hotel. Being San Juan’s latest trendsetters, we sought to find a boutique shop that could bring iconic and fashionable clothing and accessories to the area. Once we found WildSide Boutique, we knew that this was the shopping experience we were looking for and worked with them to bring an on-site store, which is now located right in the Serafina Beach Hotel lobby. WildSide Boutique is dedicated to serving up some of the hottest summer fashions in the Caribbean.

Back in 2008, WildSide Boutique started its grand adventure on the gorgeous island of St. Barth. After great success, they opened a second location on the Caribbean coastline of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula in Tulum.

Every item in WildSide Boutique has been hand-selected by stylists, from a variety of unique and exotic fashion designers. These items are designed to make a statement, whether it’s a chic night out or a cozy night in; the boutique is noted for bringing some of the hottest styles, fresh off the runway and straight to you. They work intimately with designers from all over the world, in places like: St. Tropez, Italy, Bali, Delhi, Ibiza, Brazil and Los Angeles. You know you’re getting the latest and greatest when you take a walk on the WildSide.

Wondering what to expect when you walk into the boutique? WildSide has everything you may need on your perfect beach vacation here in Puerto Rico. If you’re searching for the perfect statement outfit for the night on the town, they’ve got you covered. WildSide also offers casual-chic beach attire and bathing suits, as well as accessories for both men and women. Stop by and have one of the incredible stylists help you find the perfect outfit for a fun Serafina pool party or dress you up for a fabulous dinner at our signature restaurant, aMare.

Currently in-store, the stylists’ favorite picks for this summer are from the Mua Mua Dolls collection from Bali designer, Ludovika Virga. The entire collection features fun and playful items like this “I Don’t Give a Chic” tote that is perfect for going to and from the beach or pool deck. These fun items are great signature pieces for relaxing by the pool, or for a night on the town. New items are always added to the boutique, so there is always something fresh and exciting to come across!

Make sure to check out this collection and all of the unique pieces at WildSide Boutique located in the lobby of Serafina Beach Hotel, at 1045 Ashford Avenue, San Juan. Contact the boutique for more information at 1(787) 625-5888, or follow them on Instagram @wildsidepuertorico to see what’s new!