Saborea Puerto Rico has been a must-attend event for the past 13 years. This world-class cooking event highlights the incredible talents, innovations, and flavors that can be found on the Enchanted Isle. Over time, Saborea has continued to position Puerto Rico as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean.

Saborea Puerto Rico | Dining


This year, there are exciting changes happening within and surrounding the event. The emphasis of this year’s event, beyond the food, is to highlight the touristic and cultural offerings of Puerto Rico and to show off to the world that much of the island is open for business.

The weekend will kick off with the well-known Bubbles and Bites event on June 4th, 2020, where sparkling drinks will be paired with local flavors, for foodies to get a taste of a classy combination in a chic ambiance. Serafina Beach Hotel’s signature restaurant, aMare, is thrilled to be part of this year’s event. 

The Saborea Puerto Rico Village will include several stations. First, the General Electric Kitchen Demo Theater, which will be the entertainment and education hub for the weekend. The Tasting Pavilion will include some of the finest restaurants on the island, as well as a wide range of rum, wine, and spirits. The Libation Station will be home to tastings of international wine and spirits. Finally, Brews & Stews will be offering decadent coffee and dessert tastings.

On Sunday, June 6th, 2020, Saborea Puerto Rico will conclude with a Beachside Gastronomic Experience, where renowned chefs will prepare a selection of menus for a culinary delight.

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