The city is buzzing with news of the arrival of Serafina Beach Hotel, opening Winter 2017-2018, adding yet another premier destination in the electric Condado beach district. Everyone from local San Juan elites to New York beach seekers is hungry for this opening and the additional opportunities for unique experiences it brings.

Serafina Beach Hotel is a Puerto Rico boutique hotel with a concept derived from the world-renowned owners of the Serafina Restaurant Group – a global brand that made its way to San Juan in 2015 with the opening of Serafina San Juan, which has seen explosive success since opening. Serafina Beach Hotel will be the first of its kind from this brand and aims to provide a unique hospitality experience to each guest throughout their entire vacation in Puerto Rico.

Exotic Accommodations

The fresh and modern boutique hotel concept is gaining attention from industry professionals near and far. The beach-chic design with a feeling of laid-back luxury was developed by award-winning design firm, iCrave in New York City. With special attention paid to ensuring the hotel interiors compliment, it’s beach surroundings, the design utilizes floor to ceiling windows in guest rooms, an open-air lobby, an emphasis on the outdoor pool deck, and many interior details that reflect the beauty of the Caribbean waters.

Unique Adventures & Experiences

Guests of the Serafina Beach Hotel will be treated to a concierge team, unlike any other property in the Caribbean. Our team of local experts have curated a selection of the island’s most enticing adventures and local experiences, that today’s travelers yearn for. From rainforest hikes to privately chartered boating excursions, or San Juan explorations of it’s most best-kept secrets, to helicopter rides that will allow guests to see the island from a different view. Anything you desire can be arranged by our team.

Culinary Delights

The owners of the Serafina Brand, Vittorio Assaf, and Fabio Granato have designed a new restaurant concept especially for this hotel – aMare, a restaurant dedicated to showcasing the best seafood in Puerto Rico with delicate beauty through a menu of the sea. The menu will include specialty seafood items such as Ceviche de Camarones, Branzino al Sale for two, or choices of Lobster or Caviar Spaghetti. And if you are craving something by the pool, the Pool Deck menu will include items such as filet mignon burgers, shrimp lollipops, or a variety of specialty paninis and small bites.

The amount of detail and thoughtfulness that has gone into this Puerto Rico beach hotel, will not go unnoticed – and we look forward to hosting unique experiences for travelers and locals alike this fall.

Ciao for now!