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Serafina Beach Hotel’s signature restaurant gives a new meaning to seafood dining in San Juan. The hottest Italian seafood restaurant to hit the Condado district, aMare’s repertoire includes the local flavors as Italy & Puerto Rico fuse in culinary romance. Watch the sunset over the Atlantic horizon while enjoying a fresh “Branzino Al Sale”.

The Ambiance

aMare means “To Love” in Italian and “Will Love” in Spanish. As well, it reminds us about the beauty of the Sea; “Mare” in Italian and “Mar” in Spanish.


aMare Lunch/Dinner

aMare is a modern take of exquisite Italian seafood recipes influenced by Puerto Rican flavors.

Our restaurant’s dining room is divided between the beautiful indoor-area and the stunning alfresco terrace with the Atlantic Ocean as your backdrop.  aMare provides the perfect high-energy setting to start your night surrounded by San Juan’s fashion-forward crowd.


aMare Breakfast

Uplift your day with a fabulous breakfast featuring a selection of premium teas, fresh juices, and toasty coffee. A variety of favorite iconic breakfast dishes will boost your day and stimulate your senses. Try a “Cornetto”, an Italian breakfast staple accompanied by a strong espresso.

Did we mention — all served with breathtaking inspiring oceanviews? – Buon Appetito!


Sunday – Thursday

7am – 10:30am – Breakfast

Noon – Midnight – Lunch/Dinner

Friday & Saturday

7am – 11:00am – Breakfast

Noon – 1:00am – Lunch/Dinner

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