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Jan 23, 2018

Why you should visit Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Culture Through Art Visiting a museum in puerto rico is more than looking at a beautiful piece of art; it’s a time machine that allows you to understand an artist’s culture and their history. From paintings to photography, an artist provides those observing the art a lens into a different place and time, […]

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Jan 11, 2018

¡SALUD! Craft Beers in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico normally calls to mind cocktails made with rum. However, the popularity of craft beers and breweries are on the rise – and what better way to relax on vacation than enjoy sunshine with a cold beer in hand? Here are our top three favorite spots to grab a great craft beer in San […]

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Jan 2, 2018

Celebrate 2018: World-Famous Festivals in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has been a popular destination for tourists alike because of it’s perpetual party persona. The sun is always shining, the water is always welcoming, and the people know how to live life to the fullest. Puerto Rico’s resorts and vacation spots are bigger and better than ever. Naturally, this also means that every […]

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Dec 20, 2017

Rebuild and Relax: Puerto Rico Voluntourism

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the resilient people of Puerto Rico continue to rally together in a Herculean effort to rebuild their devastated island country after receiving the worst destruction that Hurricane Maria dealt with any of the Caribbean Islands. In a remarkably short amount of time and with lots of elbow grease […]

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Dec 14, 2017

How You Can Help Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Efforts

It’s easy to take for granted the things that make our lives a little bit easier – water, electricity, and other conveniences that just make life a little bit easier. And it’s also easy to get annoyed when something disrupts our daily flow, such as a power outage or dropped cell service. However, for many […]

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Nov 15, 2017

Reaffirming Community After Crisis In Puerto Rico

When people think of Puerto Rico, a lot of of times a fun island destination comes to mind. And who can blame anyone? It is an island of rich culture, amazing food, and a ton of great adventures waiting to happen! However, Puerto Rico is so much more than that. Puerto Rico is more than […]

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Nov 5, 2017

Refueling Puerto Rico’s Recovery Through Food

There’s a reason why we turn to our favorite comfort foods when we’re sad. There’s healing power in good food and good friends… and Puerto Rico has plenty of both. The island’s food service industry is stepping up to the challenge of refueling locals who have been at a loss for clean water and basic […]

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Sep 28, 2017

A Letter from Serafina Owners on Hurricane Maria

Dear Serafina Friends, We were very lucky to open our first Serafina Restaurant in Puerto Rico a few years ago. From the moment we stepped off the plane, we quickly fell in love with the island. As we became a part of the Puerto Rican community, we quickly began to appreciate the beauty of Puerto Rico […]

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Jun 4, 2017

Visit the Bacardi Distillery on Your Next Vacation in Puerto Rico

You’ve worked hard all year and are finally ready to live-it-up on your vacation in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico, better known as the Island of Enchantment, has many enticing adventures for today’s traveler. One adventure you should not miss: a tour of the Bacardi distillery. Established in Puerto Rico in 1936, Bacardi has been distilling […]

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May 16, 2017

5 Puerto Rico Excursions You Won’t Want to Miss

There’s no doubt you’ll find relaxing beaches and hot nightlife in Puerto Rico, but sometimes you need to kick your vacation into high gear to get the unique adventures that you crave. Let Serafina Beach Hotel’s concierge team plan all the details of your excursion, while you prepare for your adrenaline rush. Check out our […]

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May 2, 2017

New Puerto Rico Boutique Hotel Opening on Condado Beach

The city is buzzing with news of the arrival of Serafina Beach Hotel, opening Winter 2017-2018, adding yet another premier destination in the electric Condado beach district. Everyone from local San Juan elites, to New York beach seekers are hungry for this opening and the additional opportunities for unique experiences it brings. Serafina Beach Hotel […]

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Apr 18, 2017

The Brains of the Serafina Brand: Vittorio Assaf & Fabio Granato

An international success, the Serafina brand has proved itself to be hot, trendy, and able to cater consummately to their customer’s needs. Since its founding in the mid-1990s, it has grown to include more than 30 restaurant locations and has even crossed into the hospitality industry. The brand’s sizzling success would not be possible without […]

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